Changzhou Pharma having a Perfect R&D platform
As a science-led pharmaceutical company, we invest in cutting-edge research to develop new molecules for challenging diseases.
We have a dedicated R&D centre in Changzhou, Includes Separate API's Development lab, Formulation Development Lab with advanced Technologies.
Changzhou Pharma R&D Collaboration with several National Research institutes, and also offers Postdoctoral programs.
We are focused on undertaking dedicated R&D in areas with significant demand. Our research team of over 200 scientists with Different levels Phd, Masters degree, Bachelor's degree with mid and senior levels.
Our systematic approach to the selection of molecules, which involves evaluation of technical, and commercial feasibility data, and customer feedback helps us generate a good return on our research spending.
We commercialized 80+ Finished products since inception and filed 50+ DMFs.
Changzhou Pharma, annual R&D investment about 8-10% of sales every year, to strenthen our new pipeline molecules, increase advanced technologies.


Perfect R&D platform

The pharmaceutical R&D institute includes a full set of processes from API R & D, preparation R & D, quality study and international registration application, and has a postdoctoral mobile station, so it can well ensure the R & D landing of the project.

High level R&D team

We have a high level R & D team with more than 200 people, of which 30% have a master's degree or above, 80% have a bachelor's degree, and 45% have a middle and senior professional title.

Continuous R&D investment

The annual R & D investment is about 8-10% of sales in the year, which provides continuous financial support for cultivating high-level R & D talents and improving R & D equipment.

Clear Research and development direction

We are devoted to improve R & D competitiveness by continuous optimized and integration, We have established technical platforms for microchannel reactions, enzyme catalysis and sustained and extended-release.

R&D Platform

Our R&D department is devoted to featured API, with a direction of fast, high, difficult and new.

Biocatalysis Platform

Changzhou pharmaceutical factory has perfect chemical production capacity and enzyme screening, evolution and fermentation production capacity, and is skilled in the application of enzyme catalysis technology in API's production. Selective engineering enzymes have been successfully applied to the commercial production of several APIs and intermediates.
Changzhou pharmaceutical factory has complete biotransformation capability and integrate it into traditional chemical process we good at to provide a greener and environmentally friendly process, so as to ultimately reduce the cost and guarantee the security of supply chain for customers.

Flow chemistry platform

Changzhou pharmaceutical factory has been committed to the development of continuous production technology and its application in the pharmaceutical industry. At present, we have the ability of continuous chemical process R&D and skilled in transforming continuous flow production technology into workshop production.
Reaction types we can apply well include low-temperature reaction, high-temperature reaction, diazomethane reaction, nitration reaction, ozonation reaction, photochemical reaction, Grignard reagent preparation and application, catalytic hydrogenation reaction, Curtius rearrangement, gas participation in reaction, etc.

Pharmaceutical crystallization platform

Changzhou pharmaceutical factory have rich experience in crystal form selection and development, and have successfully developed many new crystal forms and amorphous production processes of APIs.
We can provide customized crystal development services for customers, avoiding the risk of patent infringement and enabling customer’s drugs to be put on the market as soon as possible.

Photocatalytic technology platform

Changzhou pharmaceutical factory have a R&D team led by a postdoctoral chemist in the field of photocatalysis chemistry and perfect experimental facilities, and have rich experience in the development of photocatalysis reaction process.
We have applied photocatalysis technology to cycloaddition, rearrangement, isomerization, photooxidation reactions in the preparation of some APIs and intermediates.

Microwave synthesis platform

Changzhou pharmaceutical factory has invested a lot of resources to establish and develop the R & D and production capacity of microwave reaction, aiming to improve the safety and efficiency in the drug manufacturing process, broaden the types of reactions, and provide more choices for designing the synthetic route of API.

Sustained and controlled release preparations platform

Changzhou pharmaceutical factory has a high-level sustained and controlled release R&D team and production line, and has rich experience in the development of sustained and controlled release preparations such as osmotic pump, skeleton, membrane controlled and pellets. We have developed and registered a series of sustained and controlled release preparations.